The Creators

Free Range Burrito started out as an accidental collaboration between Chris Collings and Cody Schibi. Chris is a stand up comedian, improviser, husband, and father. Cody Schibi is a professional illustrator and part time after school teacher. As fate would have it, Chris’s older daughter was in Cody’s after school class.


The two got to talking one day and Chris thought it would be fun to turn some of his stand up jokes and funny family stories into a comic strip, but Chris lacks the ability to draw. Cody said, “send me an idea and let’s see how it goes.” Chris sent Cody a 4 frame stick figure drawing which became Free Range Burrito #1. Chris then sent Cody the stick figure sketch for Free Range Burrito #2 to which Cody responded, “This is great, but you can just describe the scene in words, you don’t need to try to draw it.” Turns out Chris can’t even competently draw stick figures.


Stick figure version of FRB 2 by Chris Collings
Stick figure version of FRB 2 by Chris Collings

Thank goodness for both Cody’s drawing and Chris’s writing or Free Range Burrito wouldn’t exist. Thanks for visiting the site today. We hope you enjoy Free Range Burrito!


The Name

One question we’re often asked is: where did the name Free Range Burrito come from? One night Chris and his family were at the local Austin favorite Tex-Mex restaurant and the special that night was The Wild Burrito. Chris’s wife asked “what makes a burrito wild?” Chris’s answer, “Well they weren’t raised in a high density corporate burrito factory. They’re free range burritos.” A lightbulb went on and not only was that quickly decided as the name of the series, it was that moment that we realized that the burrito should be an actual character in the series as well. And that’s how both the name and the character of the Free Range Burrito came to be.